Hello and welcome,

The official line:

I am Rev. M. Charlotte Oliver and I am the Founding President, Chairman, & CEO of CharlotteO Ministries. In addition to these titles, I am the executive pastor, mother to a young adult, church growth consultant and industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologist, community researcher, leadership theorist, chef, speaker, baker, gardener, farmer, lifestyle & spiritual traditionalist, writer, artist & vintage crafter. Yes, I have many interests, which offer me numerous opportunities to express God in my life.

The bottom line: 

I believe the Bible offers the answer to every problem, issue or distress. However, one must be willing to be all encompassing in study to understand better, his or her, life purpose in living out God’s life-plan.

Current projects:

Editing my dissertation, creating courses in Christian leadership concepts, consulting with pastors and other leaders to improve overall organizational plan, learning woodworking techniques, weeding and watering my summer garden, cross stitching, knitting, canning, baking, and other traditional crafts.

Thank you for stopping by. 

In grace & in gratitude,